Packing Tips for Cruise Ships

Packing Tips For Cruise Ship Vacations 

At Orlando Limousine Services we have some great packing tips for cruise ships, but what do you even need to pack? This might be your first cruise, so you might have a lot of questions! We think it’s important that you don’t forget any important documents as well as the essentials. This blog will go over some what not to forget and packing tips for cruise ships!

When you’re packing for your cruise it’s important to not over pack. This blog will go over some important things to remember when you’re packing. We also recommend that you don’t pack last minute, so you can avoid forgetting important documents that might prevent you from getting on the plane to getting on the ship.

Getting to the cruise port from the airport is also another thing you’re going to have to think about. At Orlando Airport Transportation we are able to provide you with a private luxury ground transportation service. Our private car service is able to accommodate most groups sizes, but we’ll go over that at the end. For now, let’s talk about packing and get excited about this cruise you’re going on!

Getting Organized for Your Cruise

When you’re really organized for your trip you can start to make lists of what you’ll need to bring. This way you can avoid forgetting to pack something important. We’ve all been there, you arrive to your destination and realize that you forgot that one thing you told yourself you wouldn’t forget.

Sometimes lists can help and you can check items off as you pack them, which is always fun. The first thing on the list might be to make sure you have all your documents in a file. This way it’ll will be easy access and we recommend that you place in your carry-on. Some of these documents should include your passport, proof of vaccination or exemption, COVID-19 test (most cruise lines require a negative test before boarding), credit cards, car keys, travel documents, etc.

How About Packing Less? 

Do you find that you tend to over pack, especially for a vacation? At Orlando Limousine Services we like to recommend that you lay out all the clothes you want to bring with you. Then only pack half of what you’ve laid out. This also goes for shoes, how is it that we can pack so many shoes we don’t actually need. Even though some of like to have lots of options, most likely you won’t wear half of them anyway.

It is true that most cruise ships do offer a laundry service, if for some chance you do need to have some clothes washed you can. When it comes to this type of service, it usually come with a fee. Just make sure you are aware of the ships fees before sending your laundry off, that way there won’t be any surprises on your bill when you disembark.

Carry-On Luggage for Cruise Ships 

When you pack less you might be able to fit everything for the cruise into your carry-on. But some of us need both a carry-on and a checked bag, and that’s ok. You should make sure that you’ve placed all those important documents in your carry-on so they are easily accessed.

It’s been recommended that you should also consider putting a change of clothes in your carry-on as well. You might also want to pack all valuable items in your carry-on as well, such as jewelry, medications, electronics and whatever else you feel should be kept safe and with you at all times.

How to Save Space 

How many time have you just thrown things into our bag and hope it’ll all fit? This usually leads to over packing or using up more room than needed. One great tips is to rolling your clothes, because when you do this you’re creating more space. This can also be a lot of fun, which is never a bad thing.

This is an excellent for a carry-ons, lots of us only travel with a carry on, so space is limited to begin with. You should still try to cut back on the items you know you won’t actually use. Also, don’t you find that when you’re on a vacation you seem to wear the same few things the whole time? You’ll need the extra space for all the great souvenirs you’ll buy!

It is true that on a cruise you need to take some formal clothes, so take care in rolling them. Since most ships offer the laundry service you should be able to have your clothes ironed. We would also say, once you’re in your room unpack the items that need to be hung up, hopefully limiting the wrinkles.

Luxury Shuttle Service to Cruise Ship Terminals 

Orlando Limousine Services offers a private luxury airport shuttle service to and from all international airports in the area. The only thing you now need to plan for is how you’re getting from the airport to your cruise port. We are able to help you get to your cruise ship terminal with our private luxury ground transportation service.

It’s important to note that we offer a wide selection of luxury vehicles that come with a professional chauffeur. Our private luxury car service will get you to and from all the major airports in the Orlando and Port Canaveral area. Making sure you get to your cruise port in a comfortable and stress free is our goal.

Making your reservation with us is easy and can be done online at anytime. You can also contact us over the phone at 407-442-3124, or by email a All of us at Orlando Limousine Services are looking forward to seeing you soon and getting your cruise vacation started with a reliable and private shuttle service!

Private Shuttle Service to Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Welcome to your private shuttle service to Carnival Cruise Line with Orlando Limousine Services! Carnival Cruise Line offers service out of many ports all over the world, one of them is located in Port Canaveral.

Cruise’s from Port Canaveral include trips to the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, and Southern Caribbean. We like to suggest that you arrive a few days before your cruise so that you’re not in a rush to get to your cruise terminal. Plus while you’re here in Port Canaveral, you can visit the famous Coca Beach and the Coca Beach Pier, Kennedy Space Center, restaurants, shops and more.

Why not choose Orlando Limousine Services for your private shuttle service? We provide a private airport shuttle service to not only your cruise port, but also your hotel, resort, and all over the town. There’s no point in stressing about having to drive in a new city or take a shuttle service with lots of people that makes lots of stops. Our private cruise port shuttle service is designed to serve just you and your group.

Since you’re now planning your Carnival Cruise, you need to know what ships there are to choose from. This will be an unforgettable vacation, so let’s help you explore what ship to choose.  We can discuss more about our airport limousine service in a bit, for now check out the list below of different Carnival Cruise ships.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Ships

Ships that are sailing from Port Canaveral include, Mardi Gras, Carnival Vista, Carnival Magic, Carnival Elation and Carnival Liberty. Learn more about eat ship below.


This is a six to nine day cruise and its the newest ship in the Carnival Cruise Line family. The ship has six zones that include lots of new experiences and offer great food, entertainment and lots of fun for the whole family. One of the unique experiences on this ship is the Blot, which is the first roller coaster at sea! Of course the staterooms and dining experiences are incredible, we know that this will be an unforgettable vacation.


If you choose the Carnival Vista you can choose from either a two to five day cruise or a six to nine day cruise. “We’ve built a lot of ships over the years, but for a truly unique experience at sea, you’ve gotta see Carnival Vista. Carnival Vista has a whole new relationship to the sea, and you get to experience this as you explore the Caribbean with all-new views.”

Carnival Elation

The Elation another ship that offers both the two to five day cruise or a six to nine day cruise. With trips to the Bahamas and also to the Caribbean. The Elation celebrates those that inspire the arts. With plenty of things for the kids to do, including activities that are supervised and fun. With incredible food and staterooms with balconies so that everyone has some outdoor space, “designed to help you make the most of the natural sea breeze.”


If you’re looking for a two to five day cruise then the Carnival Liberty be the right choice, with service to the Bahamas. You’re going to have the Bahamas trip of a lifetime. “This is one ship that’s ready to put its fun where your vacation is, with plenty of ways to enjoy your time away.” While on board why not check out the unbelievable entertainment and food. If you’re looking for laugh they even have a comedy club, this ship really has it all, even tacos!


Welcome to the Carnival Magic, with sailings to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada/New England and the Caribbean. There are so many choices when it comes to what destination you want to visit and explore. “At 1,004 feet, this one continued the Dream class tradition of large-scale, bow-to-stern cruise ship fun including the food-and-entertainment space Ocean Plaza, the splashy stylings of Carnival WaterWorks… and The Lanai, a convenient, scenic half-mile outdoor wraparound promenade deck.”

Private Shuttle Service to Carnival Cruise Line  

At Orlando Limousine Services we know that when visiting a new city there can be a lot of stress when it comes to driving. That’s why we specializes in private ground transportation to and from cruise ports, hotels, resorts, day trips and more. This way we can make sure that your experience here is stress free and fun then moment you get off the plane!

You will notice that we have a great selection of private luxury vehicles to choose from, ranging from sedans, stretch limousines, to mini busses and coach busses. This way we can accommodate your group, we can even provide child seats upon request. Orlando Limousine Services is the shuttle service you’ve been waiting for and we know that you’ll be back to use us again for your next Florida vacation.

You can make your booking with us online at anytime as well as over the phone toll free at 1-800-616-1970, or email us at All of us at Orlando Limousine Services are excited to see you in Florida and to make sure you have the best experience!

Adult Escapes on the Disney Wish

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The Disney Wish: Adult Escapes

Welcome to the Disney Wish and their adult escapes! Disney cruise ships aren’t just for the kids anymore. Though there are endless magical experiences for kids to discover, there are lots of places that are just for the adults.

The designers at Disney have come up with places adults can escape to where they can dine, relax and have an immersive and magical experience. The Disney Wish has really helped this come to life. This is Disney’s newest ship to join the fleet and it really is a unique and magical place.

“From upscale restaurants and sophisticated lounges to an expansive pool area.” This is truly an vacation that you and your friends will never forget. You really have to experience it for yourself and we know this will be an unforgettable vacation.

How will you get to your cruise port from the airport? Orlando Limousine Services specializes in not only a private luxury airport shuttle service, but also a cruise ship terminal shuttle service. Our fleet of luxury vehicles are able to accommodate most groups sizes. Vehicles range from sedans to coach buses, but more on that later. Let’s look at how the Disney Wish has a whole relax and retreat area just for you.

Relax, Dine & Retreat and more on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish offers its adult passengers an “onboard oasis” that’s unlike anything you’ve seen on a cruise ship. This oasis features a stunning infinity pool, bar and poolside lounge, that are just for you. The area is dedicated to “savouring drinks and soaking up the sun.”

The adult pool area is located on the upper deck away from the family areas that are busy. This area is also separate from the family activity areas as well, so you really feel like you’re in a different world.

There are also adult-only dining areas that you can visit while you on the Disney Wish. You can visit the Palo Steakhouse restaurant that was inspired by Cogsworth from the Beauty and the Beast. Here you can select from premium steaks and Italian dishes.

The Palo Steakhouse is one of three new adult-only Beauty and the Beast inspired dining areas.  You can also visit the Keg & Compass, a pub inspired by Norwegian folklore. The decor featured beautiful wood carving of historic Viking ships. The Keg & Compass offers three craft beers and a variety of drinks to try. You’re also able to keep up with the news and sports while you dine.

Transportation to the Disney Wish 

This will be the trip of a lifetime and we can so excited to be the ones to meet you at the airport. Orlando Limousine Services offers a private airport limousine service to not only Orlando International Airport, but to all surrounding airports.

What makes us different is that we offer a selection of luxury vehicles ranging from sedans, SUV’s, stretch limousines, to coach buses. This way it’s easy for us to accommodate small to large groups, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us either by phone at 407-442-3124 or by email at,

Making your reservation has never been easier and can be done online at anytime. Simply fill out the form and make sure you indicate what type of vehicle you’ll require, if you need assistance we are here to help. We all look forward to seeing you soon and helping to get you to your cruise port in our private luxury car service.

Transportation to Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

Welcome to the Norwegian Cruise Line, where your cruise is more freestyle and what you do is up to you. There’s no schedule to follow, because as Norwegian says, “this is your vacation!” That’s what makes Norwegian so unique from the other cruise lines, you create a personalized experience.

“Imagine cruising just the way you want it: with no schedule to follow but your own. That is what Norwegian’s Freestyle Cruising provides for all our ships and itineraries. Indulge your taste buds at one of our wide-ranging dining options, or perhaps you would prefer a dinner and a show combination? Relax at some of the most spacious and modern staterooms in the cruise industry before venturing out to experience the shore excursion of your choice.”

Getting you to your cruise ship terminal is what we specialize in, at Orlando Limousine Services we use only luxury vehicles. With professional chauffeurs to make sure that your time with us is stress free and comfortable.

Things to do on your Norwegian cruise

There are so many things to do on your Norwegian cruise, everyday can be filled with activity or just take it easy. Explore the ship and try new things or find a spot by the pool and catch some sun.

“Step into a world of excitement and exhilaration in our ThrillPlex activity zones, available on Breakaway Plus and Breakaway class ships. Feel the warm sun and balmy ocean breezes along The Waterfront, our revolutionary quarter-mile oceanfront promenade.”

You also have the option to visit the Norwegians private island, Great Stirrup Cay. “Norwegian’s idyllic private island, where you can do it all – or nothing at all.” Of course there might be a night when you want to let loose and check out their deck parties and “dance the night away” at one of their parties such as, Caliente, Glow, and Nashville Nights.

We can’t forget to mention all the great entertainment you can find on the ship. We all love a good show, plus you’re on vacation, make it a night to remember. You can check out Broadway performances such as Kinky Boots, which is a six-time Tony Award winner. This performance is exclusive to Norwegian Cruise Lines. There are two other shows, Jersey Boys and Footloose.

Where to Eat 

When it comes to food the Norwegian makes sure that this is a wonderful experience. When you’re on vacation, the food needs to be good and that’s the case here. The Norwegian once again uses the freestyle approach when it comes to their dining.

“Enjoy a four-course meal and a great bottle of wine. Or grab a burger hot off the grill. Dress up. Dress down. Sit with your friends or make new ones. Dine inside or Oceanside along The Waterfront. Only Norwegian offers the freedom and flexibility of Freestyle Dining, which means no fixed dining times or pre-assigned seating. So follow your mood, not a schedule.”

All of their ships offer “beautifully crafted menus” in three of their main dining rooms, plus a variety of causal restaurants. The chefs offer original dishes that are made with only the finest ingredients.

There are so man destinations you can sail off to with Norwegian and we know that no matter what one you choose, it’s going to be incredible. Making sure you arrive to your cruise port should be left to us. Orlando Limousine Services offers a private airport shuttle service, getting you to your cruise port stress free.

Transportation to Your Cruise Port

Now that you’ve learned more about the incredible Norwegian Cruise Line, you can book your vacation. We know you’ll have the greatest time and make so many memories. All you’ll need to do next is book your private ground transportation from the airport to your cruise port. We have a wide variety of luxury limousines, sedans, buses and more to choose from. This way we can accommodate small to large groups. 

Making your reservation with Orlando Limousine Services is easy and can be done online at anytime. If you need assistance you can contact us at 407-442-3124 or email us at,

We will be more than happy to make sure you’re able to make it to your cruise terminal, located in Port Canaveral, on time and stress free. We have professional drivers that are ready to start your cruise vacation off in luxury.

Transportation to/from Walt Disney World Orlando

Walt Disney World Orlando 

Having private luxury ground transportation service to and from Walt Disney World Orlando helps make your vacation more magical. We offer a private luxury car service with a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. Our service also includes a professional driver that knows the area well and can ensure you get to Disney World stress free. At Orlando Limousine Services we are able to help you get to the theme park as well as your resort. Our drivers will be able to pick you at the airport, we offer our luxury car service to and from all the major airports in the Orlando and surrounding areas. Walt Disney World also has some wonderful and magical cruises you and your family might consider taking. Orlando Limousine Services also offers ground transportation to all cruise ports.

Walt Disney World Orlando 

Known as the most magical place in the world, Walt Disney World Orlando offers multiple theme parks. Our luxury car service will deliver you and your family to each park, we can help you plan your Disney World transportation needs. Each park has something a little different to offer but has something for everyone. If you’re coming to Orlando for a few days, you could spend each day at a different park. From the iconic Cinderella’s castle to trying foods from all over the world, each day will truly be more exciting than the last.
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Walt Disney World is currently celebrating their 50th anniversary and there are some extra magical things to see. There are beautiful decorations, characters have special costumes and there’s lots of new merchandise to purchase in celebration. The Disney Cruise Lines are also celebrating this incredible milestone, it will be a truly unforgettable cruise. “For decades, Disney Cruise Line has provided unforgettable vacations to families the world over. Discover what makes a Disney cruise a dream come true for the entire family.” Orlando Limousine Services is able to get you from the airport to your cruise port with less stress and on time. We recommend that you consider arriving a few days in advance of your cruise. This way you have time to adjust if there’s a time difference, and you’ll feel less rushed getting to your cruise terminal.

Private Ground Transportation  

At Orlando Limousine Service we offer a private luxury ground transportation service. We understand the need to have a reliable private car service. That’s why we like to make sure our passengers feel stress free. Enoying their vacation from the moment they get off the plane. Making a reservation has never been easier and can be done online at anytime or by phone at 407-442-3124 (U.S.A.), 020-3807-1518 (U.K.) and 647-243-3862 (Canada). You can also contact us by email at and one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you. We look forward to seeing you soon!