Welcome to Orlando Florida

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Welcome to Orlando Florida!

We are excited to welcome you to Orlando Florida! There are so many fun things for you and your whole family to discover while visiting. Plus there are other near by cities that have other attractions, such as the Space Coast in Port Canaveral, that make a great day trip. All of us at Orlando Limousine Services are looking forward to seeing you soon and making the start of your trip an easy and enjoyable one.

We wanted to help out with planning your trip with some suggestions on what to do and where to go. Whether you’re interested in checking out some of the theme parks or downtown for some shopping and dining, there really isn’t a dull moment in Orlando. Let’s take a look at some of the theme parks that are available to visit.

Theme Parks

Discover Orlando’s theme parks, we are famous for them after all. There are quite a few that you’ll need to check out while you’re here. When you visit these theme parks toy can experience everything from great food, rides and different attractions.

Walt Disney World is waiting and open for visitors and has some exciting new celebrations in the works. Universal Studios has some new attractions to visit and Sea World is prepared for guests to experience the magic of the sea. From water parks to rides, all the theme parks in Orlando have there own unique experience for the whole family. Maybe you’re not into theme parks, well then we have news for you, there are lots of great places to eat and shop in downtown Orlando!

Shopping and Dining in Orlando

Sometimes a shipping trip just makes sense, and what better place to do that than Downtown Orlando. With so many great restaurants to try, you might need to make this a multi night experience. The list of restaurants in the downtown area goes on and on. Depending on what you’re interest in. When it comes to shopping there are fantastic shops and malls that offer a great shopping experience.

It’s also good to remember that while you’re visiting the theme parks, they also have some incredible dining experiences. For example, at Walt Disney World Epcot you can try food from all over the world! There’s just so much to experience and try while visiting this great city, we know you won’t be disappointed.

Making Your Reservation with Orlando Limousine Services 

It’s time to think about how you’ll get you and your family from the airport to your resort or hotel, or even cruise port. That’s where we come in, at Orlando Limousine Services we offer private luxury transportation service from all major airports in the Orlando and surrounding areas.

Since there’s still the ongoing pandemic we have also taken extra measures to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers and chauffeurs. We have made sure to follow CDC guidelines and continue to make sure our guests are comfortable and safe.

Making a reservation is easy and can be done online or over the phone. If you would like to make a reservation over the phone you can do so by calling, 407-442-3124 and you can also email us at info@orlandolimousineservices.com. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Who Invented Limousine? A Brief History

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There is no denying the fact that limousines are the epitome of luxurious vehicles. Whether you have a prom to arrive at or have your big day coming up, limousines are always the cherry on top for your events.

But the question is who decided to create this esteemed status of limousines and where did it come from?

If we look into the history of chauffeured vehicles, the limo can easily date back to the early 18th century when lavishly adorned horse-drawn carriages used to be the transportation method for the upper-class to carry them around from one place to another.

The word “limousine” is derived from the French region of the same name (minus the ‘e’ – it is Limousin) and the possible reason why it was named after this locality is due to the popular fashion statement CLOAKS that were on the rise at that time in Limousin which somewhat resembles with the covered portion of the limousine vehicles.

Speaking of the covered portion, passengers at that time felt a little extra while riding inside their private enclosures. The driver can neither hear nor see anything past it which is still a selling point for limos in today’s world.

First-ever motorized limousine

Fast forward to 1902, when the first-ever motorized limousine was created but the length of the limo at that time wasn’t as extended as it is today and still, the driver was forced to sit outside like it did while riding horse-drawn carriages. Also, the number of passengers it could fit inside was also limited to 5 maximum.

The original Stretch limousine

So to overcome this struggle a company from Fort Smith, Arkansas called Armbruster in  1928, launched the original “Stretch” limousine. Did you know? The initial use case of these stretch limos was to transport celebrities – to be specific Jazz celebrities as it was the popular genre and source of entertainment for the rich and royals of that era. These limos would carry around celebrities and the popular bands from one gig to another.

However, with time, the stretch limousines became a standard of transportation for many other groups and different purposes but remain a significant symbol of well-to-do people.