Who Invented Limousine? A Brief History

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There is no denying the fact that limousines are the epitome of luxurious vehicles. Whether you have a prom to arrive at or have your big day coming up, limousines are always the cherry on top for your events.

But the question is who decided to create this esteemed status of limousines and where did it come from?

If we look into the history of chauffeured vehicles, the limo can easily date back to the early 18th century when lavishly adorned horse-drawn carriages used to be the transportation method for the upper-class to carry them around from one place to another.

The word “limousine” is derived from the French region of the same name (minus the ‘e’ – it is Limousin) and the possible reason why it was named after this locality is due to the popular fashion statement CLOAKS that were on the rise at that time in Limousin which somewhat resembles with the covered portion of the limousine vehicles.

Speaking of the covered portion, passengers at that time felt a little extra while riding inside their private enclosures. The driver can neither hear nor see anything past it which is still a selling point for limos in today’s world.

First-ever motorized limousine

Fast forward to 1902, when the first-ever motorized limousine was created but the length of the limo at that time wasn’t as extended as it is today and still, the driver was forced to sit outside like it did while riding horse-drawn carriages. Also, the number of passengers it could fit inside was also limited to 5 maximum.

The original Stretch limousine

So to overcome this struggle a company from Fort Smith, Arkansas called Armbruster in  1928, launched the original “Stretch” limousine. Did you know? The initial use case of these stretch limos was to transport celebrities – to be specific Jazz celebrities as it was the popular genre and source of entertainment for the rich and royals of that era. These limos would carry around celebrities and the popular bands from one gig to another.

However, with time, the stretch limousines became a standard of transportation for many other groups and different purposes but remain a significant symbol of well-to-do people.

How To Get A Limousine License?

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Like any other business, obtaining a license to run a limousine service requires a lot of paperwork. The processing of your limousine service license will definitely depend upon the regulations of your country, state, city or locality for that matter.

Apart from those, there are a few general steps that all limousine service providers around the world have to go through. So without further ado let’s dive right into them!

This guide will include:

  • How to gather relevant and essential information
  • Contact licensing authority
  • How to incorporate your business
  • Completing the application to obtain an authentic and correct business license.

1. Incorporating the business

Many regions and states require you run your business under a registered name and incorporate any delivery, including limousine services. For this, you will need to contact the Secretary of State’s Office and then you will be able to obtain the right documents which form an LLC, Proprietorship or a corporation.

2. Formatting a Business Plan

A very important aspect of the procedure is to disclose your financing for the limousine service to licensing authorities. This will include the cash flow, details of your limousines and assets, your budget and incorporation. You should provide all the required details within the business plan and we suggest getting help from a professional accountant or an agency.

3. Get the Limousines Registered

Another important step would be getting each one of your limousines registered as service vehicles by the state’s office secretary.

4. Gather Business Information

Make an annual sales report, file a copy of your budget, get your insurance information and your projected income for the coming year. You need all these along with your bank statement filed within the business plan disclosed.

5. Applying for State License and Submitting Application

You can contact the state office secretary to get the list of businesses that need to have a state license. Then, look for limousine service and to make things easier, you may look for your limousine service state application packages as a “Livery”.

Once done with the above steps, proofread your application before submitting.

Seal your application and submit it to your appropriate city department or Treasurer’s Office.

Keep in mind, the process will take several weeks to approve your license and you will be handed over the right documentation once you are registered by the state office.


Credits: https://www.incorporate.com/

How Much Should You Tip a Limousine Driver?

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When choosing the right amount of tip for your limousine driver you should keep a few things in mind. At Orlando Airport Limousine, we encourage customers to make their own decision, however, to help you out a little we have gathered these 5 Important Factors That Generally Make up the Tip For a Limousine Driver:

1. The Type of Vehicle You Have Chosen

Ideally, you should consider the type of vehicle you are in before tipping your captain. For example, if you are riding in a Cadillac XTS or any other traditional sedan then your tip should be accordingly. Similarly, if you are riding in a stretch limousine or in a minibus or any other vehicle. Since specialized vehicles take more skill and training, the tip size you decide should be justified.

2. The Type of Service You Got

Of course, the service matters a lot when deciding the tip. Did you get the experience you expected to have? Did we manage to drop you on your destination on time? Did the chauffeur behave well with you?

You should always consider the level of ease, comfort and traveling essentials provided to you while riding with a limo service that would make up for an average tip.

3. How Much Luggage Were You Carrying

Considering the number of pieces of luggage you are carrying will be unloaded by the driver, your tip should be estimated accordingly. Similarly, if you are traveling light then a tip doesn’t necessarily have to cover this factor.

4. If You Have Already Tipped

If you have already paid a set amount for your trip and the tip was included within then you may only tip your chauffeur further on the bases of the aforementioned pointers. Which translates to the efforts made by the chauffeur as well as the limo service.

5. How Much Traffic There Was

If you are wondering how traffic affects the tip is because the driver will be staying with for longer than your trip requires. Meaning delay or fewer other trips for the driver which could be compensated (a little) with your generosity. However, the amount is totally up to you, a few extra dollars for the driver can make his/her day better if you believe it was well-deserving!


Your Take Away

The many factors that make up for a limousine driver’s tip should be kept in mind for choosing a fair and well-deserving tip. Your tip should always be comprised of the entire experience you have with Orlando Airport Limousine service. So it would be best for you to make your own choice than to look for a set amount online.