How Much Should You Tip a Limousine Driver?

September 7, 2019 By Limousine Comments Off

When choosing the right amount of tip for your limousine driver you should keep a few things in mind. At Orlando Airport Limousine, we encourage customers to make their own decision, however, to help you out a little we have gathered these 5 Important Factors That Generally Make up the Tip For a Limousine Driver:

1. The Type of Vehicle You Have Chosen

Ideally, you should consider the type of vehicle you are in before tipping your captain. For example, if you are riding in a Cadillac XTS or any other traditional sedan then your tip should be accordingly. Similarly, if you are riding in a stretch limousine or in a minibus or any other vehicle. Since specialized vehicles take more skill and training, the tip size you decide should be justified.

2. The Type of Service You Got

Of course, the service matters a lot when deciding the tip. Did you get the experience you expected to have? Did we manage to drop you on your destination on time? Did the chauffeur behave well with you?

You should always consider the level of ease, comfort and traveling essentials provided to you while riding with a limo service that would make up for an average tip.

3. How Much Luggage Were You Carrying

Considering the number of pieces of luggage you are carrying will be unloaded by the driver, your tip should be estimated accordingly. Similarly, if you are traveling light then a tip doesn’t necessarily have to cover this factor.

4. If You Have Already Tipped

If you have already paid a set amount for your trip and the tip was included within then you may only tip your chauffeur further on the bases of the aforementioned pointers. Which translates to the efforts made by the chauffeur as well as the limo service.

5. How Much Traffic There Was

If you are wondering how traffic affects the tip is because the driver will be staying with for longer than your trip requires. Meaning delay or fewer other trips for the driver which could be compensated (a little) with your generosity. However, the amount is totally up to you, a few extra dollars for the driver can make his/her day better if you believe it was well-deserving!


Your Take Away

The many factors that make up for a limousine driver’s tip should be kept in mind for choosing a fair and well-deserving tip. Your tip should always be comprised of the entire experience you have with Orlando Airport Limousine service. So it would be best for you to make your own choice than to look for a set amount online.